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VOC含量高的涂料与胶粘剂产品将退出京津冀 说明

一线不冷三四线不热 二线城市猴年或迎暖春

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1.国家税务总局发文 明确新个税法若干征管衔接问题
3.广西加快发展住房租赁市场 完善住房供给
5.长沙楼市11月降温开局 成交下降市场渐趋理性
6.租赁节奏放缓 中国一二线部分城市住房租金回调


1. Social customer service kills the dreaded phone tree
2. Manufacturing and sectors like leisure and hospitality should keep creating jobs. America's factories drove the early part of the U.S. recovery and, although growth has slowed, they should continue to add workers selectively. After adding about 9,000 jobs a month in 2010, manufacturing has added about 16,000 jobs a month so far this year. Slowdowns in Europe, Japan and fast-growing China have hurt global trade flows. But lately, more corporate executives are realizing that making things in the U.S. has benefits over, say, China. Meanwhile, the leisure sector, including restaurants, has been a reliable source of job growth all year.[qh]
3. The discovery has caused huge excitement among historians, as it provides firm evidence about a monarch whose life has been shrouded in controversy since his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.
4. 4. China will continueefforts to build out C-9 (the top nine universities in China) in the form ofmore than $1 billion new investments in major campuses. Funds will becommitted to attract top faculty, build state-of-the-art facilities, andrecruit the very best students. China will lock into a global war forintelligence, education, and skill.
5. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theatres on March 23, 2016.
6. 5. Gay Marriage


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1、原材料数量锐减 红木家具业“洗牌期”或加快
3、金地销售增长失速之惑 销售额现金流双降
4、香港人热衷“北上”买房 6成受访者拥有内地房产


      西西软件园 So what forces will shape the questions asked next year? It depends on who (and where) you are. While buyers should brace for another year of high-stakes bidding wars, residents of the city’s far-flung neighborhoods (I’m talking about you, Grand Concourse) should be ready for an onslaught of prospective residents seeking bargains — bargains, that is, relative to the gilded ZIP codes that are out of the reach of most mortals.
      Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, who is facing impeachment, slashed her own salary by 10% to $103,400 a year last October as part of a wider austerity drive.